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Dr. Brian Ross

Chiropractic Postural Correction, Nutrition and Weight Loss

His  Story

Journey to Becoming a Chiropractor

Dr. Brian Ross had a  corporate job while living in New York.  Part of his job was to  photograph and inspect buildings.  While photographing a building he was  backing up to fit the building in the frame of the camera when suddenly  he was struck from behind by a vehicle and flipped over onto the  street.  The driver took off!  Dr. Ross could not feel his legs.   He was taken to the hospital and evaluated and the Orthopedic physician  stated “I don’t know”.  He said I will call a Neurologist.  The  Neurologist examined him and came to the same conclusion that he did not  understand the cause of the tingling and numbness in the legs.  They  gave him medications from the hospital and sent him home.  He stayed  home on worker’s compensation.  Several weeks later his friends came by  and told him “we are taking you to a chiropractor”.  Dr.  Ross was  very reluctant but relented that he needed help.  He spent time with the  Chiropractor asking lots of questions.  The Chiropractor pointed out  honestly that they could not guarantee full restoration of feeling to  his legs however the Chiropractor it was possible to regain  approximately 80% of feeling in his legs.  Dr. Ross agreed and  after 9 months of care the feeling returned to his legs.  He had no more  symptoms after that point.

The Chiropractor told  Dr. Ross “you should do this”.  Dr.  Ross agreed he contacted  Chiropractic schools and found out all the requirements to gain  admittance.  He went out while working at his current job and completed  pre-med in addition to his bachelor’s degree.  He was granted admission  to a school and from the time that he left the Chiropractor’s care and  night school and Chiropractic school the journey took 10 years to  complete.  He studied several specialties beyond the Chiropractic school  curriculum including Postural Correction, Instrument Adjusting with  Activator.  He also studied a post-doctoral program in the specialty of  Neurological diagnosis.  He has had additional education in the  treatment of extremities.  (Foot, ankle, knee, wrists and shoulders.)

Chiropractic is not a  typical career path.  In Dr.  Ross’ case he believes he was “chosen  by accident to become a Chiropractor. 

Dr.  Ross feels  it is important to treat the whole body holistically.  He balances you  from your feet to your head on every visit. This opens up the nervous  system, allowing the brain to reconnect with the body and the body to  reconnect to the brain.  Once this is achieved, total healing will  occur.  The body can heal from the inside out.

Continuing Education:  CRM Contact Reflex Analysis in conjunction with Standard Process  Nutraceuticals, (Manually testing the body to locate the nutritional  deficiencies along with organ deficits. 

Rated Activator Doctor.